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RUSHUN Business Consulting’s main goal is to support our partners in the international expansion on the territory of Russia, Hungary and other EU countries. Our services cover the full range of business activities from the complicated first steps of company registration with all the related documentations to various business investments.

Our partners can choose from the following services, regardless of the direction of the investment:

  • Potential business partner development
  • Market research and market entry services, expandation management
  • Organization of B2B, B2C meetings
  • Project management
  • Accounting, payroll services and tax advisory
  • Marketing, PR and communication
  • IT services
  • Export and Import management
  • Logistic management
  • Technical planing and legislation
  • Technical control
  • Management of local and EU tenders
  • Management of governmental tenders

Based on the significant legal, financial, technical, integration, customs and tax differences between the two countries our company pays special attention to regular roundtable discussions inviting specialists and experts from different companies of both of the countries. By attending these regular meetings our experts can offer up-to-date information to our partners supporting the smooth flow of economic processes between the two sides.

At RUSHUN Business Consulting we remember the successful cooperations of the past between Russia and Hungary. By supporting/recalling the old traditional relations and focusing on the new cooperations we trully believe in the future of our countries, and the development of our cultural and economic relations.